• Apr 11, 2017

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Launching August 22

    Naughty Dog


    We’ve been hard at work since revealing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at PSX building a story and an experience that joins a new protagonist, fan favorite Chloe Frazer, with all of the hallmarks of an Uncharted adventure. Today, we’re excited to share new footage and additional details about the game you’ve been eagerly waiting for—beginning with our release date. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will launch on August 22, 2017 in North America for $39.99 USD, $49.99 CAD. The Lost Legacy will arrive on August 23 in Europe.

    In December we said that we’re approaching this project as a true Uncharted game—complete with its own deep narrative with complex character development, all-new destinations, refined gameplay, and blockbuster cinematic moments. We’re especially excited to have Chloe as our new protagonist and explore more of her story as she and Nadine venture across India in search of the fabled Tusk of Ganesh. To that end, we wanted to share a new scene from early on in the game as Chloe and Nadine try to unravel the clues leading to the Tusk’s location. Check it out:


    Finally, you may have heard that our friends at PlayStation are bringing all four of the original Jak and Daxter PS2 classics to the PS4 via PS Store later this year. As beloved games in Naughty Dog history, we couldn’t imagine a better pairing for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Anyone that pre-orders The Lost Legacy at participating retailers will receive a free digital copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for PS4 when it launches on August 22. For those who pre-order on PS Store, you’ll also get an Uncharted: The Lost Legacy PS4 theme designed by Truant Pixel.

    If you picked up the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Digital Deluxe Edition, Explorer’s Pack, or the Triple Pack, you’ll get Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as a digital download at launch. Owners of these products are not eligible for any pre-order bonuses.

    We look forward to sharing more details about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy soon.

    -Shaun Escayg

  • Dec 14, 2016

    Uncharted 4: Survival Mode Today, New Multiplayer Updates

    Naughty Dog

    Hello everyone! Vinit Agarwal here from Naughty Dog. Today, I’m happy to announce that our next major update to Uncharted 4 launches today, and with it, our new mode: Survival. Survival is our new cooperative mode where you and up to two of your friends can take on 50 waves of increasingly skilled enemies, a variety of challenging objectives and modifiers, and intense boss battles. Feel like playing solo or not (yet) a PlayStation Plus member? You can still hop in and play Survival by yourself. With multiple difficulty levels, its own dedicated progression system, unlockable rewards, and yes, new Trophies–we’re excited for the community to jump in and take on Survival. If you want an in-depth look at what to expect, don’t miss my post from earlier this month that outlines all of the new features. You can also check out the Survival launch trailer below.

    Survival isn’t all you’ll find in our latest patch—we’re also adding a ton of new content for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, including two new maps, five flashback weapons, new vanity items and color variant options, as well as an all-new mode: King of the Hill.

    • New Maps: Train Wreck (from Uncharted 2) and Prison
    • Returning Classic Weapons: M4 Assault Rifle, PAK-80 Light Machine Gun, Micro 9mm Automatic Pistol, Para 9 Pistol, and the Desert 5 Pistol (Heavy Weapon)
    • New Beta Test Playlist Mode: King of the Hill – teams to compete to retain control of a single Hill and earn Victory Points. Respawning restricted when your team controls the Hill
    • New Character Skins: 48 new character skins, including new Biker-themed skins
    • New Color Customization: Customize any character skin with 25 unique color variants
    • New Multiplayer Levels and Rewards: Max rank increased to Level 90 with two new vanity unlocks
    • New Challenges: Earn Relics with new Challenges for Multiplayer and Survival

    Uncharted 4 Survival

    Alongside all of the new content in the Survival update, we’re also revamping our Multiplayer economy. We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re making to changes to the Multiplayer experience to make it more rewarding. Starting today, we’re permanently reducing the cost of in-game chests, making it easier to unlock new vanity and gameplay items. We’re also introducing Relic Boosters that give you a 300% increase in Relics earned for completing matches and also include a stackable bonus for all other players on your team. Anyone who purchases or has purchased Uncharted Points in the past will also earn VIP Status, which includes a permanent 20% bonus to all Relics earned from Challenges. Check out our patch notes page for a full list of the Economy 2.0 changes.

    Thanks you for all of your continued support and feedback. We look forward to hearing about your experiences in Survival and seeing you online in Multiplayer! Until the next time, stay tuned to Naughty Dog’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat pages for updates.

  • Dec 12, 2016

    Uncharted 4: Survival Launching This Week

    Naughty Dog


    The wait is nearly over, Uncharted 4: Survival will launch this week, bringing a new cooperative and solo experience to Uncharted 4, plus new competitive multiplayer content. In preparation for the arrival of the Survival update, we’re hosting a live stream on Tuesday, December 13. Tune in as we debut the new maps, mode, weapons, and more coming to Uncharted 4: Multiplayer, as well as extended live gameplay from Survival.





    We’ll be kicking things off at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET/8:00pm CET on Twitch.tv/NaughtyDog. Be sure to jump into the chat for a chance to have your questions answered live on-stream by the developers. Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat channels for all the latest updates.

  • Dec 11, 2016

    Uncharted 4: Survival Revealed, Go Hands-on at PSX

    Naughty Dog


    Since announcing it as part of our Uncharted 4 Multiplayer road map back in May, one of the most common questions we get is: what’s in store for co-op? Well, today I’m excited to give you a first look at Uncharted 4: Survival, our new cooperative and solo mode that will make its public hands-on debut at PlayStation Experience next week and launch in mid-December.

    Survival is a wave-based mode where you and up to two additional friends can take on swarms of increasingly powerful enemies and unique objectives. If you played Co-Op Arena from Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, you’re going to feel right at home in Survival. We’ve built upon and evolved the core gameplay experience with an entirely new level of depth, challenge, and variety. From new enemy types and powerful new bosses to a dedicated progression system and expansive upgradable arsenal, Survival is all about strategy, camaraderie, and skill.




    Across 50 waves and 10 maps, you’ll face off against Shoreline mercenaries, heavily armored Brutes, Snipers, Hunters, and more that will only get more precise, more aggressive, and better equipped as time goes on. Every 10 waves culminates in an intense boss battle, including our all-new Pirate Warlords. Inspired by the story of Uncharted 4, some of the Founders of Libertalia have arrived to hunt you down with powerful Mystical attacks. Don’t miss Adam Baldridge himself as the Djinn-wielding Warlord boss in the video above.

    But Survival requires more than just dispatching enemies. To reach wave 50, you’ll need to work your way through objective modes where victory depends on defending a particular area, collecting treasures within a time limit, or taking out marked enemies. We might even throw a curveball at you from time to time, like when an active modifier makes it so only pistols, headshots, or melee attacks do damage to enemies. As you take out enemies and complete objectives, you’ll earn in-game cash, which can be used to unlock and equip weapons and gear via arsenal crates around the map. You can buy everything from Heavy Weapons, long guns, Mysticals, and more.

    Survival also features its own dedicated progression system, Relic Challenges, and loadouts. As you rank up, you’ll earn upgrades for your weapons, as well as new items, such as Survival-exclusive boosters. There are also vanity items that can only earned by playing Survival, but can be used to deck out your character in both Survival and Multiplayer. Best of all, the challenge grows with you. Enemies will adapt to your increased firepower and there are multiple difficulties to choose from. Those that finish Survival on Hard Mode will unlock Crushing Mode, which as the name suggests, is the ultimate test of your will and determination.

    But this is just a small taste of what to expect when Survival launches next month. To see more, be sure to check out IGN’s exclusive coverage and extended gameplay videos. And if you’re attending PSX next week, come see us at the Uncharted 4: Survival booth to try out the mode for yourself.

  • Dec 11, 2016

    Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Introducing a New Beta Test Playlist

    Naughty Dog


    Some exciting things are on the horizon for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer. Since launching our last major update, Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Bounty Hunters, we’ve been hard at work on an all-new co-op experience, new maps, and more. But that’s not all; we’ve also been cooking up a new way for the community to try out new multiplayer modes and give their feedback: a new limited-time Beta Test playlist. Starting later today, November 3, and through the weekend, we’re giving players the chance to try out Classic Mode—a back-to-basics mode that focuses on core combat and movement. There’s no in-match Store, Radar, Mysticals, downed state, or Sidekicks and Heavy Weapons will spawn around the map.

    We’re excited for you to check out Classic and hope you’ll share your feedback with us via social, the forums, and our upcoming Beta Test Playlist survey.

    For more updates, be sure to keep an eye on NaughtyDog.com, as well as our official TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Snapchat channels for more updates.

  • Dec 10, 2016

    Naughty Dog x Erick Scarecrow Uncharted 4 limited edition figure

    Naughty Dog

    Beginning with Uncharted 3, we’ve worked closely with ESC-Toy and Erick Scarecrow to create amazing collectibles from the Uncharted universe and The Last of Us. From high-quality pin and limited edition vinyl figures, Erick and ESC-Toy have brought a distinctive stylized approach to our characters. Now, inspired by Uncharted 4, ESC-Toy has returned to release a new Nathan Drake figure. On top of the signature ESC-Toy design, the Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake now has 15 points of articulation and a removable grappling hook.

    There are three colorways and two of them are extremely limited. The unique red and black Naughty Dog colorway is back, and only 250 pieces of that will be released. If you’re looking for something even more unique, there’s a bundle pack that includes the regular colorway, the Naughty dog colorway, an all gold colorway, and a brand new Nathan Drake pin that matches the style of the figures. The full set is limited to only 100 bundles!  

    Pre-ordering any of the three versions will also get you a yet to be revealed, but exclusive Uncharted 4 Multiplayer DLC character customization item.

    The limited edition Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake figures are now available for pre-order on http://esctoy.limitedrun.com/

  • Dec 7, 2016

    Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle $249.99 December 11 Through December 24

    PlayStation Blog

    Attention, last minute shoppers: we’ve got great news for you. Starting December 11 through December 24, you can pick up the Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 Bundle at participating retailers for $249.99 in the U.S. In Canada, you can pick up the Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 Bundle for $329.99 CAD until December 29th. We first brought you this deal during Black Friday weekend, and it was incredibly successful for PS4 sales so we decided to bring it back this month. You can treat yourself, or pick this up for someone else on your list.

    PS4 Holiday Bundle

    The Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle includes the slimmer PS4 model with a 500 GB hard drive, a DualShock 4, and the critically acclaimed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The new cooperative and solo mode, Uncharted 4: Survival, launches this month.

    The future of gaming truly lives on PlayStation. I hope that all of you have seen this brought to life with the release of new hardware like PlayStation VR and PlayStation Pro, as well as new games like The Last Guardian, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Watch Dogs 2.There’s so much more to come, including a strong lineup of anticipated games like God of War, Spiderman, Days Gone, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    We want to give thanks to our PlayStation community for continuing to make PlayStation their top destination for gaming. Here’s to an exciting new year ahead, and happy holidays everyone!

  • Dec 4, 2016

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Arrives Next Year on PS4

    PlayStation Blog

    We’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years on a journey with Nathan Drake, but as his story came to a close in Uncharted 4 and we looked ahead to the series’ first-ever story DLC, we were faced with an unprecedented question: whose story did we want to tell next?

    Over the years, we’ve assembled an incredible cast of characters, but of them all, we kept coming back to one in particular: Chloe Frazer. As the smooth-talking master thief who debuted in Uncharted 2, Chloe is not only one of our favorite characters, but we know she’s a favorite amongst our community. She’s also a strong and enigmatic character — in other words, perfect to be our lead protagonist in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

    We revealed a first look at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at PlayStation Experience today with a nearly 9 minute video of gameplay. Check out the full clip below.

    Our video shows an early section of the game where we find Chloe in a war-torn city on her way to a rooftop rendezvous with her partner, Nadine Ross. Much like Chloe, Nadine is a formidable and interesting character whose complex nature we just started exploring in her Uncharted 4 debut. She’s a skilled tactician, whose cool, calculating nature offers an important contrast to Chloe’s improvisation and wit. As they venture deep into India’s Western Ghats mountain range, they’ll need to work together to recover the long lost Tusk of Ganesh.

    When we began to plot out the story and our vision for the game, we realized we were building something more than an extension of Uncharted 4, and instead, a standalone story in the Uncharted universe. We wanted this adventure to feature all of the hallmarks of the series, from cinematic storytelling set within exotic destinations, to dynamic combat and intricate puzzles. It’s our biggest story expansion to-date and will be available as a standalone game on store shelves and for digital download.

    If you picked up the Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe Edition or the Explorer’s Pack, you’ll get Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as a download at launch. Both versions will only be available until December 13, 2016, so don’t miss your chance to get Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at an amazing value.

    Shaun Escayg, Creative Director
    Kurt Margenau, Game Director
    Josh Scherr, Writer

  • Nov 10, 2016

    Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 Pro

    PlayStation Blog

    At Naughty Dog, we strive to make you, the player, feel as though you inhabit the stories, characters, and worlds we create. If we’re doing our job right, every aspect should feel believable and grounded in our fiction and we should elicit the same response in you as the characters are experiencing in the game.

    The key to it all is in details. Whether it’s animation, lighting, performance capture, dialog, or environment design, we spend a lot of time on even the smallest details that, when they all work together, help establish that emotional connection and sense of immersion.

    When we first learned about PS4 Pro, we were excited to see how we could drive new levels of fidelity and immersion in our games. We’re taking our first step by introducing day-one PS4 Pro support for Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered, and The Last of Us: Left Behind. Whether you own a 4K HDR display, normal 4K display, or even just a 1080p display, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of PS4 Pro with our new game updates. Though, once you’ve seen them in 4K HDR, it might be hard to go back to anything else.

    Unprecedented Detail

    It’s easy to think of resolution as simply a measure of clarity, but for games, it’s about more than just a sharp, clean image — it’s about a greater sense of depth and scale. PS4 Pro has allowed us to meaningfully increase the resolution so that you’ll not only appreciate more detail in the textures, but smoother, sharper edges that better distinguish characters, effects, and the environment.

    Terrain, buildings, and plant life that might otherwise blend together really stand out, creating life-like distance. It’s especially evident in the wide, sweeping landscapes of Uncharted 4, as well as the overgrown cities and towns of The Last of Us Remastered. Perhaps equally important, the higher resolution allows us to maintain that fidelity in motion, eliminating the shimmering that you might see on the standard PS4.

    For those with a 4K display, Uncharted 4’s story can be played on PS4 Pro at 1440p resolution, up from 1080p on PS4. Multiplayer’s fluid, high-framerate gameplay remains the same, but the resolution has also been increased to a full 1080p on PS4 Pro, up from 900p on PS4. The Last of Us Remastered, on the other hand, allows you to choose whether you want to play in the game’s original target framerate of 30 frames per second at 2160p or at a high targeted 60 frames per second at 1800p.

    However, those using PS4 Pro with a standard high-definition (1080p) display will also benefit. Uncharted 4 will render at the highest resolution and downscale the super-sampled image to 1080p, resulting in noticeably crisp and smooth graphics. Meanwhile, The Last of Us Remastered will feature high-quality shadows while maintaining a high level of performance.*

    New Worlds of Color

    Combining enhanced resolution with an HDR-capable display will only make the benefits of PS4 Pro more apparent when playing Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered. HDR drastically expands the range of color and brightness in both games, particularly on the lightest and darkest ends of the spectrum.

    Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered use color in distinctive ways and each highlight the numerous benefits of HDR. Whereas Uncharted 4’s exotic locales leverage a brighter, more painterly composition to highlight HDR’s full breadth of colors, nature’s reclamation of towns and cities in The Last of Us Remastered necessitates a more organic and gritty approach that complements HDR’s deeper, richer black tones. Best of all, HDR support is available on the standard PS4, as well as PS4 Pro.

    4K Photo Mode and 1080p Gameplay Clips

    The Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered communities have already been able to produce some awe-inspiring images with our built-in Photo Mode tools on PS4. Now, with the PS4 Pro, we expect to see even more stellar creations as players will be able to capture 4K screenshots using the system’s Share functionality. You can also use the Share button on PS4 Pro to stream at up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, or capture in-game highlights at 1080p at 30 frames per second. We hope you’ll share your Photo Mode shots and best gameplay moments with us using our submission tool on naughtydog.com/ugc!

    We are really proud of the experiences we’ve been able to create for PS4 and now bring to PS4 Pro. We believe that the addition of HDR and 4K technology not only adds a new level of depth, detail, and life to our games, but opens new doors for the future.

    We hope you enjoy Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 Pro!

    *This post has been updated to reflect a change with regards to PS4 Pro’s benefits for The Last of Us Remastered running on standard 1080p displays. For more information on the update, visit this link.

  • Sep 21, 2016

    Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Bounty Hunters DLC Out Today

    PlayStation Blog

    Since launching our Lost Treasures multiplayer DLC update in June, we’ve been hard at work fine-tuning the multiplayer experience, launching the New Devon bonus map, and developing our next DLC release — the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Bounty Hunters DLC, available today via a new update to Uncharted 4.

    With a returning fan-favorite map, new tools to capture and create your own original gameplay videos, an all-new objective game mode, new weapons, and more, Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Bounty Hunters DLC is one of the biggest multiplayer DLC updates we’ve ever produced.

    Most importantly, just like Lost Treasures and all future multiplayer DLC updates, Bounty Hunters is free for all players. Here’s a closer look at what’s included.

    Returning Classic Map: Village from Uncharted 2

    That’s right; we’re bringing back Village. Not only is it one of our personal favorites, it’s also one of the most requested maps from the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer community.

    Village has been completely rebuilt to take advantage of PS4, including new lighting systems, high-fidelity textures, and more. We’ve also added support for Uncharted 4’s new traversal mechanics — most notably the grappling hook.

    New Mode: Bounty Hunter

    We’ve heard your feedback asking for new modes for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, and today, we’re proud to introduce Bounty Hunter — a new game type that encourages teamwork, strategy, and skill.

    Two teams compete to reach the score limit by collecting Bounties from KO’d players. When you KO a player, they drop a Bounty worth 10 points, which you or your teammates must retrieve before an enemy can swoop in and deny it. Throughout the match, teams will also alternate between having one random player assigned the role of Captain — a high-value target that the opposing team must hunt down within a time limit.

    If the attacking team can successfully KO the enemy’s Captain, they’ll have a chance to collect a huge Bounty worth 60 to 120 points toward their team’s overall score. However, there’s a catch: Captain’s Bounties take time to collect, so players must work together to either protect their teammates as they retrieve the Bounty or fight to deny the attacking team before the clock runs out.

    We love playing this mode at the studio and we hope you enjoy it, too. It inspires some incredibly tense moments and close plays.

    New Weapons, Mystical, and Boosters

    We’ve also introduced a collection of new weapons and boosters, as well as a new Mystical, which can be obtained through DLC Gameplay Chests.

    Using Relics earned through Multiplayer matches and Challenges, DLC Gameplay Chests now have the chance of granting access to any of the four new weapons introduced with the Bounty Hunters DLC, as well as those added with Lost Treasures and as part of the base game. Our latest Mystical, Shield of Asgard, temporarily reduces incoming damage. While it can be helpful in objective modes, it comes at the cost of movement speed.


    • DC Single Action — Semi-Automatic Revolver
    • RKL-155 — Fully Automatic mid Pistol
    • Lowe-S – Assault Rifle
    • Harrison 1890 – Lever Action Rifle
    • US-AN 12 – Automatic Shotgun (Heavy Weapon)


    • Lock ‘n Load — Put ammo from pickups immediately in your clip
    • Undisturbed — Hold a charge melee while rolling and climbing
    • Silent Assassin — Take out the enemy without the other their team knowing
    • Weapons Expert — Aim your weapon while vaulting, falling, jumping


    • Shield of Asgard — Reduces incoming damage for a brief period

    New Feature: Cinema Replay

    As promised in the Multiplayer Roadmap we shared before launch, the Bounty Hunters DLC adds Cinema Replay — a new suite of tools for capturing epic moments in-game and creating your own original videos.

    Building upon the tools players will recognize from previous Uncharted games, Cinema Replay creates archived versions of matches that allow you to go back and relive every moment from any player’s perspective or through a variety of different cameras. Within Cinema Replay, you can pause, slow down, swap perspectives, or line up the perfect shot to create highlight montages, original videos, or perhaps a dance compilation or two.

    Between Cinema Replay and the PS4 ShareFactory app, we can’t wait to see what kind of videos you create.

    New Personalization Items

    As with our last DLC drop, we’ve again introduced an awesome assortment of vanity items to Uncharted 4 Multiplayer that offer new ways to deck out your favorite hero or villain characters, including:

    • More than 40 new Skins and Pre-Sets
    • A wealth of new Hats, Face Wear items, and Taunts

    This time around we have focused on a Wild West and Post-apocalyptic theme. We also introduced a few Pirate themed taunts that are sure to entertain.

    Triple Pack Update

    Multiplayer Pack 2 for the Triple Pack owners will also be available today. All your new items can be found, ready to use, in the customization and loadout menus.

    Multiplayer Pack 2 contains:

    • RKL-155 Pistol
    • Lock and Load Booster
    • Shield of Asgard Mystical
    • Bandit Hat
    • Pistol Spin taunt

    So there you have it, a detailed overview of what’s included with Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: Bounty Hunters and version 1.13. We hope you enjoy it and continue to share your feedback with us. For all the latest, be sure to follow Naughty Dog on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    See you online!

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