Patch Notes

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  • Added recoil upgrade to Level 3 for INSAS and Type 95 in Survival
  • Fixed a bug where the header for Survival Mode read ‘Main Menu’


  • Introduced additional fixes to resolve profile and progress loss issues
  • Fixed down progress reset bug for weapons added with latest DLC update
  • Fixed various level exploits
  • Improved sensitivity while scoped aiming with the Krivosk-XS
  • Removed store prompts from Objective modes
  • Added Crystal weapon skin to the DLC Vanity Chest
  • Fixed a bug with Storm and Universe weapon skins
  • Fixed a bug where +1LP UI and progress for Boosters was missing
  • Fixed bug where King of the Hill matches were not counting toward unlocking the Ranked playlist
  • Fixed UI bug for Krivosk-XS weapon unlocks


  • Added new videos to Uncharted TV
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