Patch Notes

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  • Ranked
    • Leaderboards have been reset to reflect the current season
    • Fixed an issue with the Aviators not displaying properly
  • Balance
    • FAL Headshot damage adjusted so a player can no longer be downed unless all 3 bullets are headshots
    • Lowered the transition time from blindfire to aim-down-sights
      • Lowe-S
      • Harrison 1890
      • AK-47
      • P90
    • All Shotgun blindfiring damage now less effective than aiming
    • Spezzotti 12 Gauge – Fire Rate Increase/Damage Increase
    • Pistole – Small increase to Base Damage
    • US-AN 12 movement damage modifier removed (in line with other shotguns)
  • Other Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with the improper drops occurring during Bounty Hunter on the map Auction House
    • Fixed Audio Options Menu crash that could occur when resetting to default from certain settings
    • Fixed a white flash that occurs when transitioning from Multiplayer to the Main Menu
    • Fixed issue with HDR settings not defaulting automatically when switching outputs.
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