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Ranked Progress Update + Ranked Season 6

With the launch of Ranked Season 5 on April 3, we identified an issue that prevented some players’ progress from being reset. To ensure a level playing field, we’re kicking off a new Ranked Season today that will be a clean start for all players. Any progress made in Ranked Season 5 will be reset, but don’t worry–any Ranked rewards you earned along the way will be retained.

We’re also taking measures to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to earn Ranked Season 5 Cowboy Hats and the season-end Ranked Cabbage Patch taunt. As you advance through ranks in Season 6, you’ll earn our new Ranked Sniper Masks like normal, but at the end of the season, you’ll also receive each Ranked Season 5 Cowboy Hat corresponding to your final rank. Those that reach Gold III or higher will receive the Season 5 Ranked Cabbage Patch taunt AND the Season 6 Ranked Walk It taunt. Lastly, at the end of Ranked Season 6, players will be awarded additional Relics.

No rule changes this season but we are considering changing the ranked game mode starting next season.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you online!


  • Added death region to Village to prevent exploit
  • Increase LP cost of Drake’s Aegis to 3 LP
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